Posted in Devotionals

Seek and Find (2 Chronicles 15:4)

..but when in their distress they turned to the Lord,the God of Israel, and sought Him, He was found by them.


The more trials and problems we’ve got, the more should we draw closer to God.The more we seek Him, the more that we’ll find Him.

God is our main source of hope. In times of loneliness, we should not turn our backs on times of gladness, we should turn to him and thank Him.

Sometimes it is better to face many challenges because during such times we tend to seek God,pray and ask for His power and might unlike when we are problem free wherein we tend to forget to thank God.

I consider lonely times as a wake up call from God.Probably, God wants me to draw closer to him.Probably the previous days I wasn’t that active spiritually.

Whatever our situation is,we should thank God.Seek Him and you will find Him.Call unto him and He will answer and the good thing is we can communicate with Him any second,any minute,24 hours a day unlimited,no need for a load,no need to register!

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