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Pleasing Sacrifices (Ezra 6:10)

10 that they may offer pleasing sacrifices to the God of heaven and pray for the life of the king and his sons.


Upon receiving our allowance or salary, we should put in mind that 10% should be allocated for our tithes. It is one way of giving back to  God though He doesn’t need it, the church does.Remember that obedience is the key of being blessed. All that we have comes from above and He is asking just 10% of it and sometimes we can’t faithfully give it. Now we know why we aren’t bless financially.

imagesAnother obligation of ours is to pray for those who are serving the country. These are the politicians, policemen, army, and other government officials. They were placed in their respective positions by God so we need to respect and  obey them. And of course, we should include in pour prayer our church leaders and it’s members.It won’t hurt our  little finger if we perform it rather,this world could be a better place for us to live because of intercession.

One thought on “Pleasing Sacrifices (Ezra 6:10)

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