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Why are we united? (Nehemiah 1:9)

but if you return to me and keep my commandments and do them, though your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of heaven, from there I will gather them and bring them to the place that I have chosen, to make my name dwell there.’


Remember the story of the Tower of Babel?Because of the people’s eagerness to build a tower that will reach the Heavens. They had worked hard night and day. But  their actions were not pleasing to the Lord so for the people to be divided, God made them speak various languages resulting to difficult communication.The people were scattered and the tower was no longer erected to reach the heavens.

This is what’s also happening nowadays. Instead of being joint to worship God, some are united  to drink liqueur and spend hours in city bars, some are busy in fornicating,some are doing unworthy acts like kidnapping,car-napping,robbery,etc. And here is the thing,each one of them are our responsibility as Christians.

revelation_worship1If we are busy doing other things that hinders our relationship to God,it is time to give that thing and turn back to Him. We need to pray not for our salvation alone but for the salvation of everyone. One day all of these souls we have prayed for will soon join us in worshiping Him. Nothing is impossible to God.Let’s start praying now and commence with the members of our family.

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