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Wrestling with God (Job 13:15)

15 Though he slay me, I will hope in him;
    yet I will argue my ways to his face


This statement was the cry of Jacob when he was tested. He still had his hope to God during that time but he was questioning God. Such times is what Philip Yancey calls as times of “wrestling” with the lord

We may have few times if not many times of being in such situation like Job when we begin to question God because we were so confused of what’s happening with our lives. Being in emotional distress, we sometimes ask God “WHY LORD?” that probably will lead to arguing, complaining, ranting and some more. When we wake up the next day we feel guilty and think God doesn’t love us anymore. The truth is He always will.

Honestly telling God of what is in your heart and mind is one way of talking to him, therefore it can be possibly called PRAYING. Just don’t forget to ask God’s forgiveness after. And do not lose hope, God knows what is best for us!

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