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Tough times (Job 17:9)

Yet the righteous holds to his way,
    and he who has clean hands grows stronger and stronger.

Tough-Times-AheadCrimes are everywhere. Rape, murder, massacre, hold-up, theft—these issues top bill the news. What if you or your family is one of the victims of this world’s wickedness? Will it draw you closer to God or will it take you away from Him?

Like Job, we all face tough times, sometimes bad situation once in a while. It is in our hands if these trials will make us better or worse.

As Christians, we must have a better grasp why God allowed such thing to occur. There is always a purpose behind every situation. It all occurs for a reason. No matter how hard life has been, always choose to be righteous and you’ll never go wrong. Just obey God and draw closer to Him. These tough challenges will make us stronger to be able to survive a life that is worth living.

Don’t ask God to give you an easy life, ask Him to give you strength to overcome hard times and live a beautiful life that is well-lived.

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