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The mother of success (Job 22:21)

Agree with God, and be at peace;
    thereby good will come to you.

bawal-tumawid1-475x356.pngHere is the thing, when we do as we are told, we will be blessed. When we refuse to comply, we will face consequences. Perhaps men are aware of this. Even a young toddler knows reward system. We were taught to obey at home, in school, in the church. How come we still love to do contravene? A simple “Do not Cross” sign we cannot follow. In our country the sign board says “Bawal Tumawid”(Do not Cross) which latter evolve to “Bawal Tumawid Nakamamatay”(No Crossing.Deadly) and was changed to “Bawal Tumawid.May Namatay na Dito”( Crossing is prohibited. Somebody already died here) to warn hard-headed pedestrians. In the first place why were these rules and regulations made? Was it for the maker to be known? Was it to lessen the workload of policemen? Or was it intentionally made for our safety?

God wants us to follow His commandments. In return, He promised to bless us. Will it harm us if we obey? Absolutely not! It is when we disobey that we get hurt and harmed. God wants our submission because He wants what is best for us. If our parents wants us to obey what they say it is because they wish for us to become better persons, how much more does our Almighty Father in Heaven?

Put in mind:Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.

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