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Wisdom and Understanding (Job 28:28)

And to man he said, Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.


Wisdom, for this world, perhaps could be possessed by someone who knows a lot of things, someone who is expert in a certain field, someone who went to a famous school, who had topped major exams or who had written a lot of books and some other too standardized description. Glory to God for He is fair. To Him, those who fear the Lord have wisdom. Does that mean I have it? We do have it? Man, yeah!

You might have studied Masters in Harvard University with flying colors if God is not with you, that’s useless. Whatever we earned here on Earth will not go with us when we die. In Heaven, all will be equal and our only focus would be praising and worshiping God and not pleasing others or ourselves. He will judge us based on how we fulfilled our mission and not on the number of awards we had received.

Glory and fame is good but if it will consume us that makes it dreadful. We have to offer God all glory and honor since it belongs to Him. In the first place, all blessings including wisdom and knowledge, come from Him. We need not the standard description of this world to be called wise, our fear of the Lord make as one. Our choice of whom to fear and whom to believe I could say is the best decision we had ever made. And that fear will remind us always to depart from wickedness and turning away from evil is Understanding.


3 thoughts on “Wisdom and Understanding (Job 28:28)

  1. Aw…Thank You.By the way it is night time here already..I’ll go check on the link tomorrow.I must nominate you too ’cause you inspire me to love life more and to write more(You always like my post.thank you)Godbless.Goodnight!

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