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All eyes (Job 34: 21-22)

For his eyes are on the ways of a man,
and he sees all his steps.
There is no gloom or deep darkness
where evildoers may hide themselves.


CCTVs or Closed Circuit Televisions became very popular. Nowadays, different establishments installed CCTVs 24/7.It really aid cops in solving crimes. All activities could be captured and all those who were caught cannot escape the law. But some wise offenders who are aware of the CCTV’s location do something just to hide themselves from the camera like wearing bonnets for instance. They may escape the supposed to be punishment for them by the law enforcers however they cannot flee from God’s sight and soon enough these criminals will soon suffer the consequence of what they did.

Our God is way much better than CCTVs. He is all eyes on us. He never sleeps. He can see what we are doing 24/7 even if we try to hide from Him we cannot get away from his view. There may be billions of His creations but He still can monitor us simultaneously.For that reason, we should always think that God is watching. In such a way, the probability of us doing what is not apt to be done will be minimized, best, if sin is eradicated.

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