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Pleasing Sacrifice (Psalms 4:5)

Offer right sacrifices,
    and put your trust in the Lord.

credit to Christian PowerPoint Template

God had made the biggest and greatest sacrifice by giving His only begotten Son just to save the world. He loves us so that he let Jesus suffer at the cross to ransom us from sin and its consequence when it should be us.

Doesn’t God deserve the best from what he has done to us? Though to people the sacrifices we make are nothing compared to what God has done, to our Father it means a lot.

Sacrificing for God is like investing in Heaven. We need to sacrifice our TIME by reading the Bible, praying, meditating, attending church services and cell groups. Not a minute spend on God will be put to waste. It is all worth it!

We need to sacrifice our POSSESSIONS, at least 10% of our wages or allowance. Everything we have comes from God, we need to give back to Him. Tithing is not only for the sake of the church, it is for us too! Those who obey will be blessed.

The most precious thing we could offer to God is our LIFE. Be a living sacrifice.He bought us with a price, He deserves our life. Offer it to Him and never worry what tomorrow will bring. Let God drive your life. Put your trust in Him. When we are in God’s hands, we are in good hands.

When we invest to God, good things will come our way. With him, the best is yet to come. Investing in Him is never a scam. This is one of the surest thing I know.