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Pleading Puppy Eyes (Psalm 6:9)

The Lord has heard my plea;
    the Lord accepts my prayer.

A cute little kid asks her parents to buy her a toy.Uh oh!

That cute little kid asking for a toy now uses her pleading puppy eyes. Double uh oh!

Then the cute little kid asking for a toy, wearing puppy dog eyes suddenly shed tears on both eyes! Major uh Oh!

Dramatic little child!


Now tell me, if you were one of the parents of that child wouldn’t you hear her plea? Would you just ignore her? I bet whatever your child says, may it be a request or a complaint, you will pay attention. How much more when she started to weep? It breaks anyone’s heart to see a cute child cry.

If our biological father hears every request we made, the more does our Father who made Heaven and Earth! Mind you, God is watching us every hour, every minute, every second. To Him, every word we utter is stocked in his mind. Those tears we shed can’t escape His eyes. Nothing can be hidden from him so we can cry our hearts out and He’ll never feel irritated about it.

Never cease praying. Our God never ignores shameless perseverance.

4 thoughts on “Pleading Puppy Eyes (Psalm 6:9)

  1. Hello Keith, thank you for sharing your story.
    I am also a registered nurse, and a midwife and neonatal intensive care nurse and my church here is called International City Church – filled with the most amazing Christians.
    I am in Australia and I am trying to get the Government to realise that families breaking down leaves children very vulnerable – and that we must do what we can to keep families strong. I love this image and I wanted to check with you that I can use it with a presentation I want to present.
    My email address is

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