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God is Watching Us (Psalm 12:7)

You, O Lord, will keep them;
    you will guard us from this generation forever.

metphotoMost of the convenience stores, malls and other institutions do assign security guards 24/7.This is to maintain peace and safety for the reason that burglars are now everywhere. With the help of the guards-on-duty plus the CCTV, wicked persons will be afraid to do something bad thus minimizing occurrence of crimes.

The President also have dozens of bodyguards we call PSG to protect him from assassination and other types of condition that could pose a threat to the President’s life.

We Christians do live without body guards or security guards but it is certain that someone out there is watching us 24/7 every minute, every second. My youth pastor before in Aim Christian Ministry once said that if we utter “God cover me with Your precious blood”, we are being shielded  with Christ’s blood that whenever a bad/evil spirit sees us they’d be afraid to come near and do something that could harm us because they fear our Lord.

No matter how wicked this world may be, there is no need to worry about our safety because we have God who is watching us, covering us with a shelter to keep us safe always. We just have to pray and ask Him to protect us and keep us away from evil and accidents. Our prayer for security is so much stronger than thousands of PSGs.

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