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Never Too Late (Psalm 27:14)

Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord!

Haste makes waste they say. A school project that is done a week ahead of time will turn out to be more beautiful compared to that one which was made a night before the deadline.


Imagine those cranky drivers in EDSA.They do know that the avenue is one of the busiest roads in the city where traffic jam is so common every day. Instead of waiting patiently, they blow their horns endlessly as if it would hasten their way to wherever they wanna go but man, that’s not helping! In fact, it just add noise to that noise polluted area. Other drivers do swerve and go to different lanes just to find a faster path for them. Many had been rushed to the hospital due to vehicular accidents just because the driver ain’t patient enough to wait. Easy, you’ll reach your destination. Such impatient and reckless drivers shouldn’t be given license. They do not deserve it!

Christians, it is so much applicable to us. Because of our eagerness to become rich and successful, we tend to do things that does not glorify God just to reach our dreams. We want to do things our way for the reason that we’ve got little trust in God. We’ve got little patience to wait for His time. Instead of working hard, we do resort to some easy money tactics like gambling. Other instances result to hurting other persons’ feelings and being impartial to them and we don’t mind because what’s important is just ourselves.

When the Holy Spirit is convicting you, surrender yourself and forget the easy way when you certainly know it is the wrong way. Always choose what is right in the eyes of God. Learn to wait patiently like how we do when we are cooking our meals.

God’s time is always perfect. it is never early, never too late.

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