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Joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5b)

Weeping may tarry for the night,
    but joy comes with the morning.

 sad wom;an


Every day is a new day. If yesterday is sorrowful, today shouldn’t be spent the same way. We may weep for a moment but it should never tarry for a lifetime. The anguish will fade away as soon as God says it is no longer needed. Weep for tonight but tomorrow, be happy. Let God be the source of your strength and hope.

We had learned in Psychiatric Nursing the Stages of Grieving–the famous D-A-B-D-A which stands for Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance. Whatever is the reason why we are weeping for today, we should be able to reach the stage of Acceptance. Though it will take time, what is important is that we learned and moved forward. God is keeping an eye on us, not a single drop of tear will ever escape His sight. He could turn those sobs to loud boisterous laughs sooner or later. We just have to lean on Him and ask Him to fill-up our emptiness and fix-up our brokenness.

Life is full of spices, it would be boring without those. Thus, we have to embrace challenges, overcome it and move on with life. It is OK to weep for today just don’t let it ruin your life. Don’t you worry because in eternal life there will no longer be grieving. All we’ll be doing is joyfully praising and worshiping our God.