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On Mother Hen’s Wings (Psalm 36:7)

How precious is your steadfast love, O God!
    The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings


Observe how mother hen protects her chicks when a rain suddenly pours out heavily. She spreads her wings and the little chicks came rushing through her. Afterwards, you will no longer notice the chicks. They’re all beneath their mother’s wings. Amazing isn’t it?

Jesus did the same thing when He came here to save us. He became our refuge. Instead of us being punished and condemned, Christ spread His wings upon us and endured the heavy bashing, mocking, lashing and worst, the crucifying till He run out of breath and died at the Cross of Calvary. He doesn’t deserve it. It is us who should have been in that place but because of His great love, grace and mercy He suffered it all.

What love is more amazing than God’s love?

So, when a heavy down pour of trials and challenges arrive, we just have to run to Him and He will surely and willingly spread His wings and cover us up with His steadfast love. Underneath His wings, we are safe and secured.