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Perfect Answers to Questions (Psalm 38:15)

But for you, O Lord, do I wait;
    it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer


Kids love to ask questions. So much that sometimes you get tired of it especially when they inquire about something that is hard for them to understand yet. You answer and here comes another Why to be followed again by Why, Mama, Why. When they ask about complicated things which are confusing to them, we usually answer, “Wait until you grow up, at the right time you will know the answer”.

Many times we are like kids who query too many questions to God. Why is it happening Lord? What shall I do? Why did you allow it? When will you give my needs? And so on and so forth. We want to find answers that we tend to ask the wrong persons giving obviously wrong answers. One of the hardest things for many Christians to do with the Lord is to wait on His timing to make certain things happen in their lives. Is it hard to wait upon the Lord? Yes it is, but it is worth the wait. Every question of ours has God’s perfect answer. For the mean time read His words to be enlightened. Wait for God to reveal the right answers at the right time and be assured when you’ll know it you’ll say nothing but…. “Ah, I see. That’s why…”.God’s time will always be the best time.