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As sharp as a sword (Pslam 39:19a)


“I will guard my ways, that I may not sin with my tongue”

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Why on earth does this toungue has to be so sharp? It is so small, just a muscle, how come it is more deadly than a sword? It is the reason behind why relationships were broken, families had separated, and hearts were hurt too much to bear. Sometimes it is more bearable to be hurt physically than verbally because the lashes or wounds are just superficial while hurtful words penetrates deep within.

Now I’ve come to realize it is not only the heart that should be guarded but also our tongue. We have to control this small muscle. Every word that comes out our mouth should be screened by our brain and heart. Be very careful because what you irresponsibly say could ruin a person.

We should not sin with our actions same as with words.

If you’ve got nothing good to say, better keep your mouth shut!