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Sharing is Caring (Psalm 41:1)

Blessed is the one who considers the poor!

In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him;

sharing 2

I remember it was once said during our Sunday Service that when you give alms to the poor or lend them money, it is God whom you had executed such pretty good act. Sharing is caring. Those who were blessed financially should lend a hand to those who need them. The reason why we are being blessed is because we have to share the excess to those who are lacking. Use every blessing that God has given you for His glory.

When I was a kid, I always think that life is so unfair. Why on earth are there rich people who just waste their money when on the other side lives the poor who barely eat three times a day? Now I realize it’s like asking God why is there summer and winter? If all else are wealthy, who would want to serve? If we were all indigent, who will give us salary? Just like in the case of male and female plug, rich men and poor men both exist, one can’t live without the other.

So to those who were blessed financially, share your blessings to the Lazaruses of this generation. Don’t be like the selfish rich man who didn’t lend a hand to the beggar. God had promised that those who consider the poor will be blessed, God will deliver in times of trouble. What are we all waiting for? Share!

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