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Use Your Lips (Psalm 51:15)

O Lord, open my lips,
    and my mouth will declare your praise


One of my weaknesses is speaking publicly. I do not know why on earth does it become one of my greatest struggles to talk in front of people. I easily run out of words to say especially when I am using the English language. No wonder I’ve got a low grade in Public Speaking way back in college. I can still remember those times I shared One Verse (Romans 6:23) to people I do not know which made me quiver when in fact I had prepared for it and memorized what I have to say. With such lack of this gift, I really envy those who were blessed with it, those who can easily share the Word of God to the unbelievers.

A character in the Bible who was on the same case as mine is Moses. Nevertheless, it never was a hindrance to spread God’s words. God had used Moses’ brother Aaron who was well gifted to Public Speaking and many were lead to God.

It is our mission to fulfill God’s vision and that is to save many souls. We must become His instruments to share salvation. Let us use our lips to declare God’s greatness, goodness and grace. Speak blessings, worship and praise all for God!

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