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My Companion When I am Alone (Psalm 56:3)

When I am afraid,
    I put my trust in you

It had been a habit of mine to talk to God in my mind wherever I go out alone. I was not used of going to places alone particularly the far ones which I have never been into because when I was in college I rarely go out. If I have to, I’ll be with a companion usually a college friend. Since after graduation, me and my buddies had parted ways, some went to their respective provinces, some are still here in Manila but are busy with their jobs, I need to travel by myself. Thanks to Google for the information and map location.

I am afraid that I’d be with holdapers in the PUVs or I’ll lose my track that’s why I converse with God. I put my trust in Him, always. True to my expectations, I’ll reach my destination and arrive home safe and sound.

A trust placed in God will never be wasted compared to trust given to man. Our God is always true to His promises.

When life gets sour, trust in God. Things will get better. Sometimes God will leave us in trouble waters; not for us to drown, but only for us to learn how to swim.