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He paid it all (Psalm 65:3)

When iniquities prevail against me,
    you atone for our transgressions


The prison is one of the scariest place on Earth, more frightening than a horror House. This is for the reason that it is where criminals of all kinds are found clothe with ink of all colors. But not all of those who are detained did what they are being accused of. Some of them are innocent and were mistakenly identified as criminals. How would it feel to suffer and pay for the price of an illegal activity that you haven’t done and you haven’t even thought of putting into action? Those who are in this situation are so pitiful. The situation is heart wrenching!

Our Lord Jesus had been in a state far more worse than those blameless detainee in prison cell had endured. He suffered and died for our sins. It is us who committed mistakes but it was He who atoned for our iniquities. How great  our God is. Now we need not condemn ourselves and be crucified every Lenten season because Jesus had already paid for it. In return, we must do things that pleases God. Obey His words and share the good news to others.

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