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Don’t count Sheep, Talk to the Shepherd (Psalm 77:1)

I cry aloud to God,
    aloud to God, and he will hear me.


If we cannot sleep, we shouldn’t count sheep, we should talk to the Shepherd. Our God’s line is never busy, never out of reach, never out of coverage area. We are under His 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. He listens to our prayers and that is for sure though He may not answer it as of the moment.

When I was still young I used to wonder how can God see what I am doing if He too is observing what other people do. The fact that there are billions of people here on earth, how will God listen and prioritize a child’s wish to have a new toy  simultaneous to the prayer of healing and safety of persons in need?

Then as I grew up I have come to know how powerful and mighty is He. He really listens to every word we utter. All is fair in his eyes, no one’s voice is louder in his ears, and no one’s plea is more appealing to Him.

Cry aloud, proclaim his majesty, worship and praise Him because He surely can hear what we say even if it is just in your mind.

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