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The Sheep’s Shepherd (Psalm 78:72)

With upright heart he shepherded them
    and guided them with his skillful hand


God is the potter, we are the clay. With his majestic hands, he molds and makes us. He is the Shepherd, we are the sheep. He guides us to the right path and finds us when we are lost in track. He keeps us away from predators. He is the Painter, we are His paintings. With His creative mind and by using different colors of life He brings out an obra in us.

 We are being guided by the Holy Spirit. To some it may be called intuition but to me it is the leading of the Spirit. Every day we are being directed, we are lead to the right track thru conviction.

One day my friend Patricia and I decided to pass requirements at Saint Luke’s Global City. Though we are not familiar with the place, we decided to take public utility vehicles (PUVs). We do not know where exactly SLMC Global City was but when the two passengers alight, it was as if someone was telling me to go off the jeepney too so I told Pat, “Let’s go!”.And you know what???SLMC is near that place though it was a long long way for us to reach it. If we haven’t alight the vehicle at that area, we probably should have gone to Pasig City.Haha.

Thanks be to God for being our Shepherd who lead us to the right way.Hoooray!

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