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Crybabies (Psalm 88:1-2)

O Lord, God of my salvation;
    I cry out day and night before you.
Let my prayer come before you;
    incline your ear to my cry!


Hear me out Lord! Hear me out! Sometimes I wanted to shout out to God because maybe in that way He could listen to what I am saying .If I could just see Him face to face, I would ask Him thousands of inquiries that only an infinite, all knowing God know what the answer is.

Crybabies, are you one of them? Crying is one way of a child to communicate to His parents or nannies. When a baby cries probably he is in pain or he is starving. Mama will immediately come to the rescue. The case differs when the baby grows up, when  he starts to talk, when he begins to throw tantrums.

When you are a parent, you should know what is best for your kid. Sometimes, even if it hurts to see him sad, if it is for his best, you have to act as if you haven’t seen it. Toddlers are tantrum throwers which should not be tolerated. There is a proper time to give in to his wishes.

God somehow could be like that. He hears every cry, every plea. It doesn’t mean that when He doesn’t answer He doesn’t seem to care. There must be a perfect time to grant our prayers or there could be a much better plan for those unanswered prayers.

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