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Infinite Being’s Wisdom (Psalm 92:5)

How great are your works, O Lord!
    Your thoughts are very deep!



We, finite humans cannot comprehend the depth of an infinite being’s wisdom. Often times we ask God why things happen the way we don’t want it to be. We think that if He truly loves us why does He allow us to get hurt? We become frustrated when the plan we had in mind will not materialize. Let’s learn a lesson from the story of the squash and the mango fruit.

One day a farmer who was tired from plowing went under a mango tree to rest for a while. He lay down and looked up and he noticed that the mango tree was bearing fruits. Nearby was a squash plantation. He took a look at it and noticed the big vegetable. He wondered why the huge tree bears small fruit while the little vine carries huge squashes. “It is not right, it is improper”, he thought. Suddenly, a piece of mango fruit fell down on his head. He realized, if the mango fruit’s size is that of the squash and it hit his head, what damage it could have brought him.

Most often than not, our minds work like that of the farmer. We perceive that this way is better than that path so I will go this way not minding that the option we did not choose is the right route.

God’s works are what’s best. We might speculate why this and that occur, we got upset and hurt but still we should never lose our faith. God is moving. God is sculpting a piece of art in us that in the right and proper time will turn out to be a masterpiece!

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