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Christian’s Universal Language(Psalm 98:4)

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth;
    break forth into joyous song and sing praises!


Music is our universal language. It binds people of different races. It soothes a weary soul. It brings happiness to a gloomy heart. When there is sound of music around, we tend to forget our problems and be more focus on the song that we are listening to.

Singing a song is one way of worshipping and praising God. It would also become a prayer to the Holy One. When you close your eyes, open your lips and lift up your hands to the Father, it seems like there is only you and God and you became oblivious of the surroundings. God loves it when we are doing that, proclaiming His love and grace.

Who says being noisy is destructive? Man, if it is all for the glory of God I would choose to be noisy by singing songs of praise to the Most High. So, let’s all shout out loud, sing songs that proclaim the good deeds of the Lord. It doesn’t matter if we are out of tune. God doesn’t look at our voices’ quality, He looks at the heart.

Every Sunday is a day of practicing our talent of singing. Get ready for the everlasting recital we’ll have in Heaven. Aren’t you excited???

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