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The Avenger (Psalm 99:8)

O Lord our God, you answered them;
    you were a forgiving God to them,
    but an avenger of their wrongdoings


STRIKE THE IRON WHILE IT IS STILL HOT.A wrong action should always be corrected. This is the reason why we’ve been spank and instructed to face the wall when we were still kids. We hated it but it is what we deserved. Our parents just wanted us to grow uprightly. Imagine life without our avenger. Where will it put us?

The Lord moves that way. He forgives those who ask for His forgiveness but He punishes those who do wicked things. For every wrong move we do, we should be prepared to face its consequence. In the first place, why choose the wrong path when God is leading you to the right way? However, we are just humans, we make mistakes. We suffer its consequence and learn from it.

If you cheated and was caught, if you engaged in fornication and got pregnant, if you stole a valuable thing and was put to prison, if you disrespect your parents and was disowned—do not put the blame on God. It was your choice. The best thing to do is repent, ask for His forgiveness, face the consequence of your actions and start life a new with God as the center of it. He could straighten the path that was once a zigzag road to happiness and success.

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