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God Listens to the Poor’s Requests (Psalm 102:17)

he regards the prayer of the destitute
    and does not despise their prayer.


The poor are always victims of impartiality in any side of this world. They are the ones who are constantly being left behind. They are always taken for granted. They are the least priority.

Say for example several cases in private or even government hospitals wherein those who have money will be treated immediately while those who are indigent needs to find a way first to show initial payments before treatment is done. Such a unique way to perform triage! And this is the reality, just one of many probable examples existing. What about those squatters (illegal settlers) who lose their houses because a condominium is planned to be erected? What about those children who cannot go to school because they have no penny to pay their tuition? What about those who look over the garbage can just to search for a food? What about those whose feet are wounded because they can’t afford to buy slippers?

Nevertheless despite the pitiful situation of the destitute, one thing is certain, God loves them. Thank God for not practicing impartiality. In His eyes, all is fair. He doesn’t just hear the prayers of the elite, He deeply listens to the pleas of the deprived too! He doesn’t ignore the poor’s requests. He doesn’t take it for granted. He doesn’t make them feel least prioritized.

Are you one of these destitute people? Praise God in whatever situation He had placed you. Recall the story of Lazarus and the rich man. In the end it was the poor who sat next to God. One of the seats in Heaven is reserved for you, for us! Never cease praying ‘because God despises it not!

God loves most the so-called destitute and
helpless. The greater the helplessness, the greater can
and should be the dependence upon God for His help,
which is ever more ready than are the sincere and
earnest wishes for it. The greater the bindings, the
greater the chances for quick, permanent relief, through
fully conscious experience of man's own original and
everlasting freedom. The unlimited and everlasting
spiritual freedom of the self or soul exists eternally and
infinitely in one and all, and is equally available to
every man and woman irrespective of class, creed or
Meher Baba

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