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Escaping Damnation (Psalm 109:31)

For he stands at the right hand of the needy one,
    to save him from those who condemn his soul to death


Man will always have something to say to whatever you do. There will always be accusers, gossipers, condemners who will arise from nowhere to ruin you. Even if you have done righteous things one will always have a wrong interpretation of it.

We cannot please everybody. Though we are starting to walk in Spirit, the Devil keeps bugging us about our wicked past. There comes a time in a day when you recall what you have done that is unpleasing to God’s eyes years way back and you start to think I’m such a liar, a stealer, a coveter, a stubborn child, a deceiver, I don’t deserve God’s love. I am not good enough. In such times, the more should we draw closer to God. We need Him the most.

Who among the billions of people existing on earth could proudly say I am no sinner? None even one. We all have transgressed. Satan may use it to condemn us. but isn’t it that the reason why Jesus came is to save and ransom us from sin? He paid the price dearly with every nail that pierced His hands and feet and every slash that hit His skin.

Thus when we are being condemned, just look up to Jesus who made it possible for us to escape damnation.

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