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Food Provider (Psalm 111:5)

He provides food for those who fear him;
    he remembers his covenant forever


Blessed are we if we are eating three times a day, some even having six meals per day! But know for a fact that there are other people living in the different sides of this world who barely eat a meal per day. While some are wasting their foods, these people are working so hard to earn a penny for food. Some even resort to eating spoiled nutriments in the trashcan just to fill their empty stomachs.

If you belong to the group of three-meal eaters then be thankful to God. Never forget to utter a prayer before ravishing your meal. If you are one of those who always bug God to give you food, then keep praying. He was able to provide manna to the Israelites before, there is no way He can’t do the same thing in our time. He is our Great Provider. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changed.

Christ fed thousands from a child’s five loaves and two fish, why on earth won’t He do the same to us? If we just know how to ask. If we just know how to trust Him. We are Christ co-heir, grab that opportunity! We can request him to give our needs. He doesn’t want us to starve for life. He wants us to live a life worth living!

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