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Binding the Shattered Pieces (Psalm 118:8)

It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in man


Trust is such a pricey piece that should be given only to those who deserve it. The reason why it breaks our hearts to find out that the one whom we had relied on had betrayed us is because it seems like a part of us had been taken.

Man, in one way or another, can hurt his fellowmen. Sometimes it is intentional, at times it’s not. No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves from agony, it’s no way possible to live painlessly.

One of the reasons why a relationship ends is because of lack of trust. When you are a girl who is super deeply, madly in love with your boyfriend whom you had found out later that he is a cheating on you, I guess there is a valid reason for you to be pissed. This will cause damage to the trust you had given him which will eventually lead to break-up leaving two sweet lovers end up as strangers.

Humans are not perfect, we all know that. But never be afraid to trust again. If your heart has been damaged, know that you’ve got a Healer who can bind the shattered pieces. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will never ever destroy that faith. He is perfect. He will never make any mistake. In our life, it is He who calls the shots. Take refuge in him, He who rescues those who call unto Him.

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