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Dare to go against the flow

Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.

 Let’s us take a look back in time.




Couple of decades ago, here is the scenario; Women wear baro’t saya; a man should marry a woman first before he could kiss her; before marriage, a man should serve the family of the woman by doing household chores; and, according to my late great grandmother, if a woman’s knee was seen by a man, he should marry her!

Time machine-NOW:


Young couple kissing in a city park.expecting_bride_large

Anywhere you go, you can see women wearing micro mini shorts/ skirts parading their long flawless legs not minding if their underwear pop out; Necklines of clothes mostly are plunging which makes you see the two twin peaks whenever a woman bows; Passionate kissing has been so normal even if a guy and a girl just met; Marriage had already been consummated before the couple faced the altar and the worst thing is they were force to get married because the woman is pregnant.

I think some would prefer living in a conservative, value-bounded world than in a liberated undisciplined generation of today. Oh well, we are created to live in this era for a reason.

No offense meant to those who performed such act…Reality bites.

I wonder what had happened to this generation. What probably had influenced us to live like that? What other transformations will the next kin probably see as they grow up? When you open the television, a child could probably watch a commercial about condom or a scene of a series/ movie about premarital sex, relationship or adultery. If that child goes out, he could probably see buildings (motels) were couples or even those who are not, spend time to feed the flesh. If he rides a jeepney, bus or LRT, there will be instances where he could witness couples kissing or petting. When he visits the park especially at night, a big possibility of witnessing couples making out is high. To think that what a child sees is what is right in his eyes!

I am not saying that all are doing it but many are executing it. I believe God is not pleased with what He sees.

It is alright to be fashionable but you must take care of yourself and be aware woman that you have the responsibility to protect the purity of your brothers. Watch what you wear and mind the place where you will go especially at the house of worship.

It is ok to be in love but not to the extent that you make out and show your affection to each other through physical means in public with an innocent child watching. Why, you want an audience? Take note of the location again and practice self-control. Sex should only come after marriage. There are so many risks that you could get when you fornicate so better get rid of it.

“But all of them are doing it!” This question must have played in your head. YES, it’s true but it doesn’t mean that if all are doing it, it is the right thing to do. God is watching. Our main goal is to please Him so think if those things you do pleases our almighty God. Dare to go against the flow, kid!