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Life Spices (Psalm 126:5)

Those who sow in tears
    shall reap with shouts of joy!

life spices

First trimester of pregnancy can be hard especially to first timers. Here is where cravings, morning sicknesses, frequent voiding and mood swings usually occur. A friend of mine who is three months pregnant told me that she had lost so much weight because of puking. Pregnant life isn’t all that easy after all. However, the pain of pregnancy and the birthing process itself would be surmounted and the incomparable joy of seeing your baby for the first time will be felt. A mom wouldn’t trade anything for that precious moment.

My dad is a farmer. To them, farming is a game of chance. Income would never be certain until the crops are sold. It takes a lot of effort, trust in God and prayer to have a good harvest. A one-day heavy downpour of rain could ruin their whole source of earnings. However, when the crops had survived all types of weather, a big sum of money could be expected.

Trials are just life spices. Problems will come and go. None of it will stay for a lifetime. I always remind myself whenever there are a lot of things to do, changes to adapt, challenges to conquer that this day will pass, tomorrow’s going to be a new day.

We may shed tears for now because of tough challenges but one day God will ease all our pain. We just have to trust him. And when the time comes that we had surpass our trials, great joy will be felt and it would be worth celebrating!