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A Letter of a Baby to Mommy(Psalm 127:3)

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
    the fruit of the womb a reward


 Dear Mommy,


I want you to know how much I love you even though I’m not with you anymore. I was really scared the other day, but I’m ok now.

I woke up to your crying and all of a sudden I felt a force like no other. I gripped my tiny hands into your flesh, but I was no match. I felt like I was being sucked away. And then came the pain. Mommy . . . it really hurt. The doctor tore me from your womb and placed my body like garbage on the cold table. I hoped you would hear me, but my cries were not enough. I needed you Mommy. I know that all the pain I felt yesterday is nothing compared to the pain you must feel. I’m sorry you’re hurt too . . . I love you.

Mommy, what happened? Why have you pushed me away? I was robbed of a home and a family that I needed. Why didn’t you want me?

I pray for you everyday now. I pray that you’ll open your ears to something besides what the world tells you. I met the most wonderful person. After all the pain, I felt arms reach out to me and pull me close. I hoped it to be you, but it was a man. He spoke nothing but kind words and told me He was my Father and Savior. He held me close and told me everything was alright. The way He laughs and smiles and expresses His immense joy, makes me feel so loved.

He talks about you too, as if He’s known you all of your life. He whispers blessings over your soul and keeps placing people and things in your life that you need. He is sad though. He loves you and keeps chasing after you, but you keep pushing and hiding.

Mommy this man told me He forgives you, though I’m not sure what He means. He knows so much and His heart bleeds for your pain. He told me a story as I sat upon His lap about how He died. He told me that He loved the world so much that He died so that everyone can have life. He’s welcomed me into His home, and it’s beautiful. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, needed, and imagined. There’s a place next to mine that’s empty, and He says He’s saving it for a special person.

I watch you everyday, and I hug you as you sleep. I kiss your cheeks as tears stream down them. This man told me His name today mommy. He said His name is Jesus. We heard you speaking to us today and it made both of us so happy. Oh, how I’ve missed your delicate voice. He told me that you have great things in your future as you walk to find Him. He also told me whom the special place next to me is for. I wanted to tell you that it’s for you some day! Have hope Mommy, you’ll be lonely no more.

Mommy everything is going to be better now. I’m happy here! There is so much peace in this place. Don’t ever forget that I love you.



Your Baby

Premarital sex, early teenage pregnancy, poverty, prostitution, polygamy and unwanted pregnancy are the possible causes why statistics shows an increase in abortion rate. In our country, abortion is considered illegal. Those who perform such thing will be put into prison. I, being a member of the healthcare team, cannot imagine myself assisting in a procedure that prohibits a child’s right to live.Sometimes I ask God why He allows  those people who do not want to get pregnant to conceive when He knows what they’re going to do to get rid of the baby while there are other couples who are patiently and eagerly pleading for a baby to come along yet their prayers weren’t answered.

Children are God’s blessing. Whether a child was born out of wrong relationship, out of wedlock, out of immorality and all, the baby is given by God to his/her parents as a gift. No one is an accident. Just the thought that out of the millions of sperm cells that only one sperm was formed to be “YOU” means a thing.

It breaks my heart to see children in the streets wearing old clothes with no slippers on begging for alms to buy a food. It breaks my heart to hear in the news cases of children who were sexually, physically and verbally abused. It breaks my heart to read articles stating fetuses aborted found.These children are God’s precious pearls. They have the right to live. They deserve to eat, play and study. We have to treat them right and give what is due. We were once kids and so we should know what as kid wants, what a kid needs and what a kid deserves.

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2 thoughts on “A Letter of a Baby to Mommy(Psalm 127:3)

  1. The letter really struck a chord. It was not that long ago that I was on the side of justifying abortion in somecases, but ever since I became a Christian, I’ve truly come to realize just how precious life really is and how absolutely wrong abortion is. We’re all children of God, and taking the life of one another, especially when they’ve barely had a taste at it, is just wrong. You don’t hurt one of God’s children, you’re supposed to love each and every one of them just as He loved us. We’re all stuck in this world together, we shouldn’t be killing those who we may be meant to go through life with, especially the one’s who have done us no wrong. We’re called to love, not to hurt. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they can’t feel you hurt them. I can’t even imagine what must go through the child’s mind.
    Sorry for the long comment, the letter really tore me up. Thanks for sharing. Really.

  2. I so love your long comment, really.Thank you for taking time to read it and leaving a comment..I have this soft heart when it comes to children that’s why abortion is a NO NO for me..we all have the right to live. Godbless you

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