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The Superior (Psalm 135:5)

For I know that the Lord is great,
    and that our Lord is above all gods


Living in the province made me closer to nature. There are many beautiful things existing in a quiet far flung barrio that we cannot see in a polluted city. I am so glad I had spent most of my days there as a child. One time, while I and my brothers were playing outside, my uncle was busy destroying a termite mount. We got curious so we went to him and watched what he had been doing. He was looking for something when we reached him. When we inquired, he said he was searching for the queen termite. Queen termites are able to produce 20000 to 30000 eggs a day. Imagine that? I thought he was kidding. I wondered if royalties do exist too in a termites’ world like ours. Then I saw the queen termite myself and I was in awe.

Her majesty queen termite was torn into pieces after she was seen. My uncle wouldn’t want to spare her life because he said all efforts of destroying the termites’ kingdom will be put to waste if the queen is still alive. She could still reproduce and could start to rebuild the termite mount again that is why.

To every kingdom there will always be someone who is superior above the others. Even the animals have lion king!

To us Christians, that someone who is sovereign is the Supreme Being we’ve been worshipping. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is above all gods. He is superior among all creations. Great and mighty things came from His power.

Imagine life without the great Lord. There will be no kingdom, no us. Just like the termites and their queen, without the queen, the mount will gradually deteriorate and be destroyed and the soldiers’ lives will be in danger. But as long as the queen is there, no matter how many times others will destroy her kingdom, she can rebuilt it again with her warriors.

As long as God is with us, no matter how many times we fall down He will always be there to lift us up, help us stand and rebuild our precious life. In His kingdom, we Christians shall live forever.

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