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Blessings outnumber sufferings (Psalm 140:12)

I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted,
    and will execute justice for the needy


A very tragic event had ruined the country’s summer capital in the year 1990. An intensity 7.5 magnitude earthquake destroyed Baguio City in an instant leaving many lives buried six feet under. One particular story that I could remember is about the wife of the former senator Raul Roco. Mrs. Sonia Roco was in Baguio on July 16, 1990 for a financial management training organized by USAID. It was 4:00 p.m when the killer earthquake hit Luzon. Underneath the rubbles of the destroyed Nevada hotel were two women who struggled to survive, one was Mrs. Sonia Roco and the then 5-month pregnant Mia Cabunilas. They were found by the rescue team after 36 straight hours of no food, water and enough supply of oxygen. They struggled to remain alive under a table with a decaying corpse beside. Other rescued victims were three hotel employee survivors who stated that they drank their urine and rainwater to stay alive.

Whatever type of affliction we have right now, God knows about it. We don’t have to waste time complaining or ranting about our situation. Think of the good things that had happened in our lives. The number of blessings we had received is much more than the sufferings. The fact that we are still breathing is a big reason to thank God. Do not worry, these afflictions will come to pass sooner or later. God doesn’t ignore the needy.Count your blessings instead of the misfortunes. The fact that we are still alive and kicking is a big reason to thank God and stay positive!

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