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Everything that has breathe praise the Lord!(Psalm 150:6)

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!


One of my most awaited times during Sunday Service is the praise and worship time. I am always eager to sing for the Lord even if my vocal cords and ears do not complement each other. As every eye close, hands lifted up, my lips are singing, I always feel like the moment is just between me and God. I become oblivious of my surroundings and be more focus on God. Tears would start pouring as the Holy Spirit come in power.

In my article Rocks will cry out, I had narrated about my experience witnessing how the deaf and mute worship our God. Their disabilities never become a hindrance for them to praise God, a perfect example that everything that has breathe can praise the Lord in their own ways.

There are various ways to praise our Maker aside from singing songs. We could praise Him through our actions, thoughts and deeds. If the deaf and mute can do it, why can’t we do our part? Given with the ability to speak, God had entrusted to us the duty to express admiration Him by proclaiming His works, his love and his words to those who definitely need it.

If we will not do our part, the Bible says the rocks will worship! That sounds creepy right? Do we have to wait for that time?

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