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Ignorance excuses no one (Proverbs 2:10-12)

for wisdom will come into your heart,
    and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul;
 discretion will watch over you,
    understanding will guard you,
delivering you from the way of evil,
    from men of perverted speech


Ignorance of the law, they say, excuses no one. If in the province crossing the streets anywhere anytime is exercised, some places in the city prohibits jaywalking. If it is just alright to litter in other areas, well do not do the same thing when you go to Singapore because there is a corresponding penalty for that.

An ‘I’m sorry sir, I do not know” answer or a “Forgive me, I am not aware” response is not always valid. You have to suffer the consequences. And what could possibly be a means of way out for such incidences? But of course, the opposite of ignorance. Be knowledgeable enough. Be wise.

The environment where we live affects us so much. Some children do learn how to curse at a very young age because it is hat they always hear at home or at school. Vices, quarrels, trouble, violence seem to be normal to some. The fact that everything a child sees is right will now lead to a child mimicking what he had observed. In this case, the child is ignorant of what is right.

Notice the effects of lack of wisdom. When we lack understanding, it is so easy for us to fall and to be deceived. Sometimes we are not aware that we are already sinning because we do not know what is right or wrong.

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