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NO to swerving!( Proverbs 4:27)

Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil


There are some avenues in the Philippines where a certain lane is designated for each type of vehicle like private cars, buses, jeepneys, bicycles and motorcycles. More often than not, because of traffic jam, these assigned lanes are no longer followed. Some, due to impatience, swerve their way out of the right lane and go to a path that is not suitable for them. For this reason, many accidents have been reported due to clashing and many innocent lives have been ruined.

God is leading us to the right path but sometimes the stubborn us usually swerve to the wrong way. Because of that we end up facing the consequence of our wrong actions. We must use the wisdom that God has given us to determine what’s evil and what’s not.

There is no good from evil. If some are doing it for easy money and success to the extent of cheating, lying, sabotaging and even killing other people prove them that we can attain prosperity and success without submitting to evil works. We are now cleansed by the blood of Jesus, turning our backs away from wickedness is a must.

Say no to swerving. Look and take the straight road ahead towards pleasing God almighty.

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