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Diamond versus Rock

for wisdom is better than jewels,
    and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.


I’ve reached that generation when Facebook and twitter were still non-existent and what makes kids or teenagers busy was signing up a slam book. I cannot recall how many books had I filled-up and most of the time I spent was more on reading others’ answers because I do not have anything in mind. One of the questions asked was “What is your motto in life?” As an elementary student, I do not have any slogans back then. My mind before was filled with cartoon movies and childhood games. What I did so as not to leave a blank was copy what my classmates had written: “What is beauty if the brain is empty?”

Men are visual by nature that is why I am not surprised that most of them prefer to marry a girl who has the beauty and the body. They focus more on the physical aspect while behavior and brain were taken for granted.

If I were a boy, even just for a day, I’ll go out and look for a girl who possesses Godly wisdom, good behavior and great concern for family and fellowmen. The beauty and body will fade, wrinkles will soon appear and stretch marks will arise that’s why physical appearance or attraction shouldn’t be the focus of a relationship.

Look for a lifetime partner who loves the Lord above all else, who loves to read His words and who cannot sleep at night without uttering her prayers. Look for someone who is wise but humble; who will go with you and lead you to the right path; who will correct you if you are wrong but is willing to forgive you for your mistakes; who will not ask you to drink liquor instead, will ask you to stop; who will not invite you to party but invite you to Sunday Service; who will not let you wear revealing clothes because he wants to protect and respect you. If you’ve found someone like him or her, do not ever let go. Once you’ve taken that gem for granted and go for someone who has the “hots”, it is like you’ve thrown a diamond in exchange of a rock.

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