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Make a good mark and leave a trail (Proverbs 10:7)

The memory of the righteous is a blessing,
    but the name of the wicked will rot.


How will our fellowmen remember us when we pass away? Will they feel sad for losing a good colleague or will they feel glad because finally our meanness had come to an end?

During times of disasters and wars, heroes arise. They risk their lives just to save others’ lives. Some of them succumbed to death helping other people until their last breath. Though their bodies may be six feet under the ground by now, their memories and good deeds will be remembered always and forever.

On the other hand, those who chose to be under the spell of wickedness will not receive such gratitude. Instead, most of them will receive curses to rot in hell from their victims. Their lives would never be peaceful because their conscience will always haunt them for life. For instance, a vigilant who raped and killed an innocent child. His name will be known not because he did something heroic but because he is “WANTED” with 500k reward to those who will surrender or report him.

All of us will soon pass away that is why we should leave something good that can be treasured by the generations of tomorrow. Always choose to be righteous. Christians carry the name of Christ which should never be associated to wickedness. Follow Christ who made a good mark before He left. Live a life, leave a trail.

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