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Strike while the iron is hot (Proverbs 13:24)

 Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
    but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.


My dad was a disciplinarian. I say “was” because he possessed that attitude when we were still kids but now that we are grown up, he became less authoritative. Before, while watching cartoons and we hear his car from afar, me and my siblings immediately turn off the television and run to do some household chores. He wanted us to be responsible enough even at an early age. We have to finish first our assignments before we could watch television. We have to help my mom cook, water the plants, fetch water, wash dishes, etc that was why I envied those children who  could play anytime they wanted, watch tv endlessly and most of all, they do not have to do household chores.

When I entered college, I had come to realize how good it was for me to be raised the way my parents did. I learned to become independent and adjusting was not that hard because mom and dad had taught me to be responsible. I do the laundry, cook my food, wash my clothes, clean the house, iron my clothes, etc. I learned to prioritize my studies and try to be the best that I can. I am so thankful that God had given me responsible and loving parents. There are flaws of course but it could never ever outnumber the good things.

Strike the iron while it is hot. Before the horn grows harder and longer, cut it off.

To parents, correct your children when you know what they are doing are not right. It pains of course but it is much better than to see them enduring the negative consequences of their actions in the future. If you really love your children, do what is right. Discipline them and emphasize that when scolding, it is what they did that you hate and not them.

To us, sons and daughters put in mind that our parents’ love is unconditional. They just want what is best for us. If they discipline us, that is because they want us to become better. Know for a fact that when they lay a hand to a stubborn kid, it hurts to see them cry, it hurts them to hit us however they have to.

God himself disciplines His children. We should never feel sons and daughter unloved instead, we should be thankful that we matter to Him for He cares for us a lot.

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