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Like a CCTV (Proverbs 15:3)

The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
    keeping watch on the evil and the good.


When four o’clock in the afternoon strikes and it’s Saturday, expect me to be all eyes on the television. I am a big fan of Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) documentary hosted by Gus Abelgas.It tackles stories of crime victims and how SOCO was able to find and arrest offenders. One of its most heartbreaking episodes is the rape-slay case of Zosimae, a 9 year old kid. She was gang-raped for 12 consecutive days by four men, one of which is a minor. She was found dead, half buried in a trash dump about 10 to 15 meters from the victim’s house. According to the police inspector who performed the biopsy, the cause of death was that the body of Zosimae was not able to tolerate such traumatic experience.


The reason why the four suspects were arrested, one of whom is a family friend of Zosimae, was because a witness divulge what he had seen.How about those victims of crimes where nobody had seen what had happened? Justice still have not been served to those and the persons responsible are free looking for a next victim to harass.

Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God. He knows everything. Offenders might escape the law but they will never escape the negative consequence and punishment that God could give them. On the other hand, there are people who do good things without expecting something in return. They have the heart to care through sharing. Because of their good deeds which are not concealed in the eyes of God, a great reward awaits them and will be blessed more.

God is like a CCTV, He sees everything. This is the reason why we have to repent for all the evil things we have done, accept its consequence and start to walk in clean slate. And about the good things we have executed, do not get tired of it. Continue to do things that gives glory to the Lord and you’ll be amazed to receive so much that you cannot contain it.

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