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Friends Classified (Proverbs 18:24)

A man of many companions may come to ruin,

but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Friends are priceless treasures. When you had discovered a true friend, you had found a pearl in the wide deep blue ocean. Do not trade that for anything.

When it comes to friendship, it is the quality that counts and not the quantity. Why choose to have many friends when they are just your “friends” when they need you? Go for the expensive real pearl than the fake ones. Make a list of those whom you consider as friends and find out if they are real or just user friendly. You can identify and classify your so-called friends belong when you are in your lowest point in time. Fake friends do not know you when you are in need. They do not bother and won’t even care to help you. On the other hand, real friends are always there through thick and  thin, may you be in your happiest or gloomiest day, highest or lowest point in time, expect  them to be always a your side. These friends know your weaknesses and flaws but chose to accept who you are and will never put you down.

Fraternity-this is the reason why Marvin Reglos, a law student, succumb to death due to trauma cause by heavy strikes of paddles on the day of his initiation. Sad isn’t it? Especially to the parents who raised him. You’ve taken care of your child, loved him unconditionally, give what he wants, sacrificed everything and then one day you wake up and find him dead because of what they called “Brotherhood”?Isn’t that when you consider someone as a brother you would never hurt him? I do not get it why they still need to do the paddle thing before somebody could become a member of their group.



no to violence

Beware of this young people and even you my dear parents!

You do not have to suffer just to belong. Join a cell group in church. I am pretty sure, these godly people will never lead you to trouble. And do not be discouraged if you think you cannot find a real friend because you have been betrayed so many times. Isn’t it that Jesus is our very best friend?He accepts who we are and He will never ever leave us nor forsake us.

Instead of wasting your trust and time to your “User friendly” friends, why not give it to someone, a real friend who deserves it?

2 thoughts on “Friends Classified (Proverbs 18:24)

  1. So very True keithnicolas, Jesus is our best friend and He is there through any Storm that life brings us to us, and He strengthens us during them and lifts our burden. (Isaiah 43:1-3)

    Some of my friends I have had from 25-30 years but I always leave the door open, they were all strangers before they walked into my heart. I look for the positive in my friends, new ones and old, not the negative, we all have weaknesses and shortcomings and they do the same for me. Yes others come and go but I still leave the door open in case our lives touch again.

    Christian Love – Anne

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