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One Day Millionaire (Proverbs 21:5)

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance,
    but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.


Ever heard of a lottery’s million dollar winner who became a pauper after just few years? Some of them had wished not to win the lottery if they will become poorer that they were when their wish was granted. Because of too much money to consume, they spend too much in buying luxurious things instead of investing the money in a business. They become so complacent expecting that the wealth they had possessed will be enough for their lifetime. One day millionaire they say. Easy money, you will never feel the worth of it because you had not worked hard to earn it.

From rags to riches, this is the story of Mr. Henry Sy, the richest person in our country. Due to his diligence, he reaped the fruit of his hard work. He owns SM Department store with too many branches in the Philippines. He also engages in real estate business. The shoe maker before is now a very well-known possessor of Shoe Mart.

Everything that is earned the easy, dirty and hasty way most often does not last. Most of it exists only for a short while. High score gained through cheating, money possessed through robbery, position attained through backers and negotiations below the table, husband whom you had married because of flirting—engaging in these will result to its negative consequences.On the other hand, those things that are acquired through hard work and perseverance usually stays longer.

Why is it? It is because the person who diligently works for it knows the importance, the sacrifices and the hard way to reach their dreams.

God rewards our works and deeds. True, the reward may come too slow but what is certain is that it will come in due time. Our Father is teaching us to develop patience while this world influences us to be in haste, to develop endurance when the enemy is tempting you to quit, to develop perseverance when situations are getting tougher and to remain righteous despite the world’s wickedness.

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