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MYMP (Make your Mama and Papa proud!)

Proverbs 23:25

Let your father and mother be glad;

    let her who bore you rejoice.


I was a stubborn child.. When my mom would scold me, I would pout and reason out. I was a liar. I was so slothful and hard-headed. I took for granted the sacrifices and hard work they had done for me. When I entered college and lived away from them, it was as if cold water has been poured out to me.

I realized that my life is so incomplete without my parents. I have to do my own thing—laundry, cooking, ironing, washing dishes. Every given day I was counting how many days were left before the semester is over so I would be home again. And I hate it when vacation ends because I will be back in the city alone facing life independently again.

(Below is the story of a mother’s sacrifice. Take a glance and learn a lesson from it)


Some children question God for giving them the worst parents. Just a petty reason of not granting their requests, kids curse the person who brought them to this world. How many orphans out there are dreaming to be in their place? How many street children are wishing to be guided by their father and mother?

Treasure your earthly parents. Spend quality time with then because you will never know when they will leave you. We are so busy growing up that we forgot to notice that they are already old.

Put in mind the sacrifices they did to raise us well. A simple thank you and I love you means a lot to them. And when you’ve got a job, treat them and give them a part of your salary every month. Above all, show them in works and in deed that you love them. Be the person they want you to be—obedient, caring and kind. And be with them until their last breathe. Never show a second that they are worthless.

A loving child is a parents’ reward and that makes them glad.

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