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Reflection (Prov 27:19)

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.


The story of the dog and his reflection

Patch the dog lives on a farm. He is cute as a puppy, but grows up into a fierce and badly behaved dog. He bullies the other dogs and steals their food. One day he steals the joint of meat from the farmer’s table and runs away with it.

Coming to a bridge across a river, he stops to eat the meat. He spots his own reflection in the water. Thinking that this is another dog, with another piece of meat, he decides that he wants both pieces of meat.

However, in opening his mouth to growl at his reflection, he drops the meat in the river and it is swept away. He loses the meat but realizes that he would be better off not being so nasty in future.

The reflection of the dog became a proof that the dog wasn’t contented with what he has. If he hasn’t seen his much bigger reflection, he shouldn’t have lost his bone. Our mirror image shows who we are inside.

Man looks at the outward appearance but God searches the heart because our heart shows our true color. We may easily deceive men by being good at the outside, however, if we have wrong motives inside, God sees it and He is not please with it. Our Father has the ability to penetrate our deepest core. He knows what resides inside.

Put away the negative vibes, negative attitudes and emotions that are webbing your heart because it is what makes you.Instead, fill your heart with the fruit of the Holy Spirit and an utmost desire to serve the living God and your fellowmen.

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