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The Habit of Giving (Prov 28:27)

Whoever gives to the poor will not want,

but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse.



The reason why we have two hands is because one will receive and the other will give.

We have all encountered touching times with beggars. Some were sitting with plastic cups in front waiting for kind persons to drop coins while others were knocking at doors one by one to ask for pennies. Can’t help but feel pity for them and it breaks my heart to see extreme ages, the too young and too old who spend their days in the street when in fact they do not deserve it. However, there are times that I feel cynical. I am in doubt whether to give or not because a part of my mind says, “Oh Keith, they will just use the money to buy rugby or surf the internet.” (I have watched before a documentary which had narrated the story of street children who spend 40.00 a day for internet surfing instead of buying foods) or my thought sometimes goes like, “What are their parents or relatives doing? They are their responsibility not mines! I have my own bag of duties. Worst, sometimes I think, “Duh? Look at his/her body. That physique is still capable of earning for a living!”, “Why would parents bear a child if they cannot raise them well? See…these children are from irresponsible parents!”

I hate to be deceived that’s why I am in doubt at times. What if the money I’ll give them will be the source of worsening situation or what if it will be used to not useful things? Am I going to be one of the reasons why this beggar is not looking for a job but beg for money he doesn’t work hard for instead? A friend’s story keeps running in my mind when I see beggars of good physique. She narrated before that she had an encounter with a mid-60 beggar who always asks for alms in front of our school. Because she got used to that beggar’s face and her tactics, she ignored the old woman and passed by. And she was surprised!She was not that deaf to not hear what the beggar said which was, “I wish you fail the boards!” Thank God my friend passed the boards at first take and is now pursuing Medicine. Haha.Well anyway, here is the thing.



God says give to the poor. Do not think of what ifs. What should you think is you will share because you care. Love the needy may he be a deceiver or not. Much better, to be sure that our penny is used properly, give food instead of money to children. And aside from giving, let us include them in our prayers and share God’s words that they may know we all got a Great Provider.

Giving never hurts.In fact, it gives back a sense of fulfillment.

Practice the habit of giving and sharing!

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