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Pride has a fall (Proverbs 29:23)

One’s pride will bring him low,
    but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor.



It was high autumn. An olive tree and a fig tree stood near each other. The fig tree has lost all its leaves and became quite bare. Seeing his neighbor, the olive tree puffed up with pride.

The olive tree taunted the fig tree. How unlucky you are! You lose your leaves every autumn to be bare. But I flourish all the year round.

The fig tree argued, “Friend it is my destiny to be bare and yours to be evergreen. But there is nothing to feel small or proud about it. It is out of control of both of us.

Few days later, there occurred a snow-fall. The snow settled on the leaves of the olive tree and gave way under it’s heavy weight. But as for the fig tree, the snow fell to the ground through its bare branches and it survived the snow storm.

Pride is the feeling someone has he/she is better or more important than other people. Relationships fail for those who are involved possesses too much pride to fix what has been broken.

I am guilty of this. I have never said sorry to my mom or brother whenever we had an argument. It is always them who do the first move. I’d never give way to someone to go first before me in a comfort room, in an elevator or when riding a jeepney. I had not easily accepted defeat and worst, I would always think that we’ve been cheated that’s why the opponent won. I had not noticed that pride is slowly eating me up.

The Lord wants us to be humble at all times for it is by humility that a person will be exalted and by being lowly he will be lifted.

If like me, pride is also consuming you, I think this is the right time to throw ego out of the window. Be the first one to make a move and say sorry. Be someone who gives way to others. Be responsible to fix a relationship that is failing. It is by swallowing our pride that makes people deal with life much easier than being self-righteous.

2 thoughts on “Pride has a fall (Proverbs 29:23)

  1. I have to say that you never cease to amaze me! Your words are inspiring, and I am happy to read what comes from your selfless heart. You are blossoming in the Lord each day, and the wisdom you gain along with the increasing happiness will fill many others with the joy you fill so they will seek out the fountain from which it pours! God bless you and your Husband! God bless!

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