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The sense of Hearing (Ecclesiastes 7:21)

 Do not take to heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.


Words are sharper than sword because it penetrates deep within a man’s soul. One advice I had heard says do not listen to what other people say about you whether it is extremely good as a compliment or extremely bad as in a mockery. Compliments could turn your head huge that you might not know you are already turning to be a conceited pig. Curses and mockeries will just destroy your life if you become affected with it so better not mind it.
There are no gates to the ear unlike the eyes and mouth which we could close if we wanted to. Even though you do not want to listen to every bad word that you hear, it is still audible unless you ran far away. Accept criticisms and improve yourself. Ever been mocked? We all experience it. Bring out the best in you and have a positive outlook in life despite what others are saying. Life is too precious to waste it for unimportant persons. Time should be spent wisely.
These negative things that people say should only enter your ear and exit the other ear. Do not let it enter your heart. Our heart should only be filled with clean and righteous things and not trash.
Do not care about what other people say. Care of what God says.

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