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Trouble.Trouble(Ecclesiastes 8:6)

For there is a time and a way for everything, although man’s trouble lies heavy on him.


People love to play the blaming game. It was never our fault, it was always somebody’s fault.You failed the exam and you put the blame on your professor and say he wasn’t able to explain the topic well when in fact you were too busy to listen to him and too lazy to scan your notes. You had gotten pregnant early and you blame your parents because you say it’s one way of your rebellion for their lack of attention and trust when the truth is you were a curious cat and wanted to try what the fad is all about. And so on and so forth.

Know what this world could have been a better place if we only did obey what God was saying. We are Earth’s caretakers yet we are also its destructors. How blessed are those who lived ages ago when the air was still fresh, waters were still pure, foods were not preserved, no traffic jams and no pollutions. The reason why there is too much trouble is because we take this world for granted. The culpability should be put in us.

Sometime soon, this world including us will fade away, there is a time for that. But we should not hasten that time to come by wasting our time doing unnecessary things and unwise decisions. Take it from my father who said, “It is such a waste to lose our life just because of engaging to things that are not even worth our life.”

stop pollution save earth

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